Welcome to Vila Clara

A place of peace, rest and tranquility

At Vila Clara we aim to offer moments of peace, tranquility, relaxation and contact with nature. Since Vila Clara is also our home, we offer a friendly, thoughtful and personalized service. We, Gabriel and Daniela, are very happy to welcome travelers and visitors from all over the world who show a deep respect and care for nature and come to Vale do Capão looking for mind-body balance. Welcome to Vila Clara. Our point of light in Vale do Capão :)
We are located about 1.8 km (1 mi) from the village of Vale do Capão, in a neighborhood known as Campos. Close by are the trails to Cachoeira da Fumaça, Riachinho and Águas Claras. It's the perfect place for those seeking peace and quiet close to nature and only a short drive from the village and its many attractions.
Our special breakfast is served on the porch of each cottage, for the other meals we offer a fully equipped kitchen that can be used from 12 - 8 pm. We also have a covered veranda where you can do your yoga practice, meditate or just relax in the hammock and enjoy the scenery.
Our cottages offer guests a unique wellbeing and comfort experience. Large (36m2 / 387ft2) and decorated with pieces that tell a little of our history. Our cottages offer queen size beds with super comfortable spring mattresses, 100% cotton bed linen, besides bath towels, minibar, separate sink with dishes, glasses and cutlery, blackout curtains, shelves and coat rack for clothes and personal items, an individual bathroom with hot shower and mirror, plus a private balcony where you can lie in the hammock, read a book or have a meal admiring the incredible view of Morrão.

Our guests are offered a delicious homemade breakfast, made of fresh produce and served on each cottage porch between 8 and 10.30am, according to guests' request.

How to get to Vale do Capão and Vila Clara

From Palmeiras - BA

(for those who are already familiar with the region)
The entrance to Vila Clara is on your right on the road arriving in Vale do Capão. We are located 1.8 km (1 mi) from the village, in a neighborhood known as Campos. Keep an eye on mileage upon leaving Palmeiras. It's a total of 18 km (11 mi) to Vila Clara and 20 km (12 mi) to Vale do Capão. By the time you've reached 17 km (10 mi) keep an eye out for an inn on your right called Pousada Villa Lagoa das Cores. This means you're on the right track. Keep driving on the main road until you spot a signpost to Pousada Bela Vista and take the exit to your right. (IMPORTANT: if you drive by Pousada Tarumim, you've just missed our entrance. Turn around!). Follow the road until you reach a white house with a front garden. Take a right turn and follow once more to the end of the street. You'll find there is only one option to take a left turn and after a few meters, take a turn to the right. Hooray! You're here! There's a signpost at the entrance, a small bamboo wall and a flowerbed surrounded by white stones.

By plane

The closest airport is Horácio de Matos airport, near Lençóis. There are regular flights coming in from Salvador, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte. Please go to www.voeazul.com.br for more information.

By bus

Real Expresso is the only bus company serving the region, with daily shuttles between Salvador, Lençóis and Palmeiras. Upon arrival in Palmeiras you'll have to take a van or hire a taxi to Vale do Capão, which is a 20 km (12mi) drive. Go to www.realexpresso.com.br for more information.

By car

From Salvador - take highway BR 324 to Feira de Santana, where you'll take highways BR 116 / BR 242 or BA 052 (Rota do Feijão) / BA 233 / BR 242. On highway BR 242, take the exit to Palmeiras, to your left, at km 363. From Palmeiras it's another 18 km (11 mi) to Vila Clara do Capão.

For those coming from south and southeastern regions, such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba, the best way to get here is crossing the state of Minas Gerais and driving through Barra do Estiva until Mucugê. From Mucugê you can either take an unpaved road to Palmeiras / Vale do Capão or follow highway BA 142 to the exit to BR 242 and, from there, follow the road until the exit to Palmeiras / Vale do Capão, as described above.

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: There is no cell phone coverage, from any operator, nor banks or ATMs in Vale do Capão. If you have a Bradesco account you may withdraw cash on weekdays at the local market Flamboyant. There are also some shops and restaurants accepting credit cards, but it's advisable to bring a certain amount of cash.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: For those coming to Vale do Capão by car or motorcycle via highway BR 242 - make sure you fill up your tank in Palmeiras, since there are no gas stations in Vale do Capão.
Map from GuiaChapada Diamantina - guiachapadadiamantina.com.br